Folk Music explosion

Do you like folk or roots music?

At one time, folk music was associated with protest songs and the folk revivalist sound of the 1960’s. But it’s far more than that.
Folk music is multi-generational. There is new folk around now by the children of folkies that sometimes ends up as a hybrid of folk and other genres (urban, jazz, rock, blues, country) and sometimes retro old-timey.

Folk music is music of the people. Folk music has been around for centuries – it’s just that the culture has changed (so the music has as well).

World music is folk music from another culture.

Americana would be like a crossover of folk and country.

Folk music is more than “singer-songwriter” genre that has exploded since the 1970’s. Some folk festivals gear themselves to that sub-genre, such as the Kerrville folk festival outside of Kerrville, Texas. Others are a mix of all the subgenres that are categorized under folk or roots music.

Folk music is great for planning theme shows. I have a show called Window of Opportunity on CKCU that has had at least 13 train song theme shows
I also host Stoke the Folk on CKDJ 107-9 with co-host Rob Prevost. I have done train song shows there as well. However, since there is so many new folk releases lately, we are focusing on rew releases.
Recently we did a theme show on Northern Ontario, since Rob is from Sudbury and I took a trip to Thunder Bay this past summer.

So please send me a comment on your take on folk music. Sure we see older people at folk festivals, but that’s not all we see. I don’t think folk is a dying genre, it’s just changing.

What do you think?

Yours in folk,
Laurie-Ann Copple


About L-A Copple

I'm a missionary, artist, art teacher, traveller, writer, radio producer, speaker, wife and bookkeeper. I love missions, the arts, media and Jesus Christ. I work with Iris Ministries Canada through the Iris Western Cape base. I have a call to the nations and to encourage and deepen Christian faith. I am normally based in Ottawa, Canada, but live in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa on assignment
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  1. Wow! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

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