Folk music isn’t just for older people! It’s multi-generational

Folk music has been around for centuries and evolves with each culture and generation. It also is highly connected to world music.   Many of us in the west tend to think of folk music as being singer-songwriter from the 60’s, but this was a folk revival. It’s true, that was an excellent period for folk music. However, the past ten years or so the folk music genres have really grown. I personally receive lots of cds from all over the world (especially since I’m known as a folk music programmer that plays independent artists).

This is a good thing and I believe that folk music will continue to grow and evolve. For my baby-boomer friends, I will share a cute video by Tom Rush about forgetting. Well, it happens a lot no matter what age you are. But if you were an adult or teen in the 60’s, there’s probably a lot you don’t remember.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to tweet me at ottawafolkradio or leave a comment below.  If you’re an artist submitting your cd,  click on this link.

Your Window of Opportunity to get played on the radio

Yours in folk,
Laurie-Ann Copple

Because we love folk beats...


About L-A Copple

I'm a missionary, artist, art teacher, traveller, writer, radio producer, speaker, wife and bookkeeper. I love missions, the arts, media and Jesus Christ. I work with Iris Ministries Canada through the Iris Western Cape base. I have a call to the nations and to encourage and deepen Christian faith. I am normally based in Ottawa, Canada, but live in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa on assignment
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