Audio and video for folkies…. Because music is what you want

Folkies are known as a force in two ways – music and politics.

Well, we’re involved in more than that.  However, I’ll leave the politics out for the moment and focus on the music. Here’s some links that show what I’m about as a folk radio host – for Window of Opportunity (CKCU-FM).  More is coming about CKDJ’s Stoke the Folk.

This is the  Window of Opportunity Theme, written by co-host Tony Copple as a gift to me.  This audio clip is the Copples version.  This song is about songwriting, and the focus of this show is for up-and-coming indie folk artists. It’s a showcase of sorts. This version is sung by me in multi track mode, and played by Tony, his son James and me. Usually these days we play the version by Kate and Hollis (who are head honchos of “Spirit of Rasputins” these days).
Window of Opportunity by The Copples

Here’s a video of me with co-host husband Tony on on Window of Opportunity. Chris Maclean was on the show playing a live performance in support of her cd “Feet be Still”

And here is a link to an artist endorsement – Brian Gladstone – PD of Winterfolk festival in Toronto

Brian Gladstone endorsement

Yours in folk,
Laurie-Ann Copple


About L-A Copple

I'm a missionary, artist, art teacher, traveller, writer, radio producer, speaker, wife and bookkeeper. I love missions, the arts, media and Jesus Christ. I work with Iris Ministries Canada through the Iris Western Cape base. I have a call to the nations and to encourage and deepen Christian faith. I am normally based in Ottawa, Canada, but live in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa on assignment
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