Stoke the Folk is pre-empted for March 5, 2012, but we’re continuing planning anyway!

Cold, crisp and a cross country skiier's delight





Matt and I have been enjoying doing our regional focus and were to do our Ontario 2 show on Monday, March 5th.  Unfortunately for this show, it’s been bumped by college basketball championship games.

We had already planned most of the show and will air it on March 12th instead.  It includes a cd review of Fred Eaglesmith’s 6 Volts cd.

So we have revised our schedule.  I have also heard from the coordinator of a new local folk festival, who will be on the show April 16th (our last of the semester).

Please continue to tune in to CKDJ for Stoke the Folk!  That’s Mondays 9 pm Eastern on

You can also hear me on the CKDJ Monday morning show with Doug Ralph (Mondays 6 – 9 am Eastern), Classical Gonq (Tuesdays 6 pm Eastern) – all on  I’m also on CKCU and AIR Algonquin.

Here is our Stoke the Folk playlist from our Quebec show (February 27, 2012)

Stoke the Folk, Monday February 27, 2012  Matt Francis/L-A Copple

4- 5 MINUTES Elias El-Zein`s newscast

Winter Winds Stoke the Folk promo/The Copples, “Stoke the Folk” Theme song [c]

Set 1

Leonard Cohen, “Banjo” (Old Ideas) [c] NR (Montreal)
L-A Copple/Leonard Cohen, CD review Old Ideas

Set 2 Quebec #2 Matt 10:50

Chris MacLean, “Snow” (Feet Be Still) (Chelsea)  [c]
Matt ID
Lindsay Ferguson,Breakthrough” (Self Titled EP) [c] (Wakefield)
Mark Mainville ID
The Echo Hunters, “All I want to do”  (20 years) (Montreal) [c]

Set 3 – 10:04 L-A and Matt mixed set QC

Bonnie Ste Croix, “On Etains Bien” (Canadian Girl) (QC) [c]
Jordan Peca ID
Le Picbois “Beau Dommage” (Plus de 60 minutes avec Beau Dommage) (QC) [c]
Meg H ID
Rufus Wainwright, “Tired of America” (Release the Stars) (Montreal) [c]

Set 4  L-A picks –  12:31

Kate and Anna McGarrigle, “Matapedia” (Matapedia) (Montreal/Alexandria) [c]
Rob Lutes & Rob MacDonald “Cold Canadian Road” (Rob Lutes & Rob MacDonald Live) (Montreal) [c]
Ian Kelly, “Wiser Man” (Speak your Mind) (Montreal) [c]

Track 6 The Copples, “Stoke the Folk instrumental” [c]

12 tracks and one cd review, 12 Cancon, 100 per cent  [c]


About L-A Copple

I'm a missionary, artist, art teacher, traveller, writer, radio producer, speaker, wife and bookkeeper. I love missions, the arts, media and Jesus Christ. I work with Iris Ministries Canada through the Iris Western Cape base. I have a call to the nations and to encourage and deepen Christian faith. I am normally based in Ottawa, Canada, but live in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa on assignment
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