Happy Spring! Well, almost. Stoke the Folk is in Manitoba this week (musically speaking)

Happy Spring!  Well, almost.  This will be the last time that I play the Winter Winds Stoke the Folk promo. But this is Canada, and even though we’re having a warm spell, it can get cold at anytime. Enjoy the warmth while we have it.

My Stoke the Folk co-host Matt Francis and I are really enjoying our time ‘travelling’ across the country to bring you regional folk.  We make some very hard decisions each week.  We only have one hour to work with and only have about five picks each – less if I have a cd review.  But we manage.  I hope you get a chance to listen.

We’re on CKDJ 107-9 every Monday night (to April 16th) at 9 pm Eastern.

Here’s our Manitoba playlist:

Stoke the Folk, Monday March 19, 2012 Matt Francis/L-A Copple Manitoba show

Elias El-Zein’s newscast

Winter Winds Stoke the Folk promo/The Copples, “Stoke the Folk” Theme song [c] (Last week for this intro!)

Set One L-A’s set
The Wailin’ Jennys, “Old Man” (40 Days) (Winnipeg)
The Duhks, “Mighty Storm” (Fast Paced World) (Winnipeg)
Mae Moore, “Oh, Canada” (Folklore) – Brandon/Vancouver

Set Two Matt’s set
James Keelaghan, “Orion” (Manitoba Artists Vol. 3) (Winnipeg)
Neil Young, “Cowgirl in the Sand” (Live with CSNY)
Ben Sures, “Who killed the Last Folk Singer” (Field Guide to Loneliness) (Winnipeg)

Set Three L-A’s set
James Keelaghan, “House of Cards” (House of Cards) (Winnipeg)
The D-Rangers, “Ramblin’ Man” (D Rangers) (bluegrass experimental – Winnipeg)
Nathan Rogers, “The Ballad of William and John Gibson” (Manitoba Roots Vol 3)

Set Four
Romi Mayes, “Mama Ain’t No Fool” (Living Room Sessions Volume One) [c] NR
Rick Unruh, “Hungry Ghost” (Manitoba Roots Vol 3) [c]

The Copples, “Stoke the Folk instrumental” [c]

13 tracks, 13 Cancon, 100 per cent [c]


About L-A Copple

I'm a missionary, artist, art teacher, traveller, writer, radio producer, speaker, wife and bookkeeper. I love missions, the arts, media and Jesus Christ. I work with Iris Ministries Canada through the Iris Western Cape base. I have a call to the nations and to encourage and deepen Christian faith. I am normally based in Ottawa, Canada, but live in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa on assignment
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