Classical Corner: Classical Gonq

I’ve always loved Classical music.
[Note: I have also loved art and design. I have been asked many times via comments on the design of this blog – so I will say it here – I used a WordPress TwentyTen template. It is free if you have a WordPress blog]  I am considering closing down the comments section simply because I keep getting spammed.

When I was in high school, I was in an orchestra, band and choir.  I sang tenor and alto. I still sing alto.  In orchestra, I played tympani, drums, glockenspiel, chimes, cymbals and all kinds of smaller percussion instruments.  At this time I play more folky hand drums such as a bodhran, bongos, djembe and the like.

Currently I love contemporary classical and my favourites include Philip Glass, Matt Bellamy and Patrick Hawes.  I love movies that feature classical music – both the newer classical and the timeless sort.  Case in point – when I saw the Amadeus movie in the 1980’s, I wanted an all-Mozart music wedding.  I still am pretty fond of Mozart but my tastes have broadened since then.

As for modern and contemporary classical – you’ll usually find at least one good piece in disaster movies (and other movies too)!

Here is a link to an air check of a pitched show I would have had on CKDJ if I didn’t already have Stoke the Folk (which I also love).  The show was called Classical Gonq.(Note: Classical Gonq was later accepted and the first show aired on Tuesday, February 28.  Playlists are available via my blog on Classical Gonq playlists).

Classical Gonq air-check

Classically yours,
Laurie-Ann Copple

Since posting my initial post on this particular page, I’ve had a chance to intern on CBC Radio Two’s Tempo – a great classical show that airs from 9 am to 1 pm.  This show is hosted by Julie Nesrallah, who is funny, very friendly and smiles when she speaks. She has excellent producers behind the scenes named Adam and Michael.  I learned so much from them over the four days I was with them.  I was editing the beginning and end of musical pieces, catalogued pieces and I was  able to sit in on a Tempo show on December 23.  I never did get that internship at Classical 96.3 FM in Toronto, but I believe they just weren’t taking interns right now.  Perhaps they had a change of plan between the time I initially contacted them and when I sent my files.   I may have a chance to have Classical Gonq again on CKDJ – if that is so, I will be posting my playlists on my home page and noting them on his page as well.   Meanwhile, I discovered a new-to-me Canadian composer named Ann Southam.  She created a gorgeous piece called “Remembering Schubert.”

Here is a link to the tune on YouTube (it’s used as the background to an art show)

Ann Southam “Remembering Schubert”

Classical yours,
Laurie-Ann Copple

Happy 2012 – I hope you have a great one.  Since I’ve had a horrible computer crash on both my laptop and backup drive, I only have one way to go – up.   But I am sure it will get better (Note – It has, despite three computer techs and a lab that could retrieve nothing of my radio and school work).  In the midst of a difficult holiday season, I’ve had special moments, especially during my internship at CBC.   And I’ve met some very special people there – Amanda Putz (Bandwidth), Adele Cardamone-Martel (EP CBC Music Dept), Julie Nesrallah, Adam Saikeley and Michael (Tempo).   Here is a souvenir from my time with Tempo (copied from Twitter)

ottawafolkradio Laurie-Ann Copple  @CBCTempo Lovely to sit in on your show today 🙂 xo muah! BTW, love both Messiah and Nutcracker…  6 minutes ago

CBCTempo Tempo CBC Radio 2 @  @ottawafolkradio Hi LA!! Thank you for the super sweet tweet! Merry Christmas & you are welcome anytime. JNez xo

BREAKING NEWS! CLASSICAL GONQ IS GOING TO AIR!! Listen to the premiere show: Tuesday, February 28 at 6 pm EST – on!

February 22, 2012

Hi!  Here is the playlist for next Tuesday’s show.  I am already and looking into artists for March 6’s show and have been having a real time of discovery.  I’ve found artists that I didn’t know about before. Sometimes you just have to be inspired on where to look.  That and requests from listeners.

The only thing is, why, oh why are some contemporary classical composers called “New Age?”  Is it because it’s “relaxing” music?  My husband Tony thinks that classical is just of the classical period, (1700’s) and perhaps the romantic period (1800s).  But Baroque (1600’s) and Renaissance (1500’s) are considered classical.  Modern classical is 20th century to 1975.  But contemporary (post 1975)?  It is work to find new composers, but I can say that they are out there.  Just a few artists include: Patrick Hawes (UK), Marjan Mojetich (Kingston, ON), Todor Kobakov (Toronto), Michel Plourde (Toronto), Rick Mauti (Toronto), even Paul McCartney.  Actually Paul has written classical pieces now for at least 10-15 years and you can hear his love of classical in many of the Beatles songs, including Eleanor Rigby.  But I digress.

Is Classical Contemporary “New Age” music?  Maybe for some.  But to me, New Age music is more like relaxing electronic such as Tangerine Dream. Or Enya.  What do YOU think?  While you’re pondering that question, you can look up my first Classical Gonq playlist (from February 28, 2012).  WordPress won’t let me link the pages, so you’ll have to paste the link in your browser:…gonq-playlists/

(Note – March playlists have a different URL)

If you’re not able to access the page mentioned above, I am playing Mason Williams (show theme Classical Gas), Matt Bellamy (The International Theme), Stanley Myers, “Cavatina (Love Theme from the Deer Hunter),”  Harold Kloser, (The Day after Tomorrow theme), Eric Whitacre (Sleep), Howard Shore, “Evenstar” (Lord of the Rings – Two Towers), Andre Gagnon (Audable), Phillip Glass (Pruit Igoe and Prophecies), Rick Mauti (Movement in E Flat), Mark Mancina (August’s Rhapsody from August Rush).

I hope you have a chance to listen!  It’s on, Tuesday February 28 at 6:00 pm Eastern.

Here’s the Classical Gonq Facebook Page. The best way to message me!

Also if you like folk music, I have a lot more about that at  Classical Corner is literally only a tiny part of my blog – and yet it gets the most comments!

Classically yours,

Laurie-Ann Copple




March 1, 2012

Well, I had the first live broadcast of Classical Gonq this week and it went very well.  I had my folk show co-host act as tech for me since the cd player does not fire from the board and I can’t reach it from the microphone.

Toronto composer Rick Mauti (Mau-oo-tee) was listening in as well as regular listeners I have from other shows.  I can’t podcast it, and even if I could, the batteries in my marantz recorder quit in the middle of the first set.  But it was good.  Some of the other radio students didn’t realize what was going on with classical music playing through the newsroom (beside CKDJ studio) and another student didn’t like classical music. So he turned the station to CKDJ’s sister station AIR Algonquin – a top 40 station.  In one way I thought that was funny, however, I have to find a way to win him over.  I did win others over however… and it was like they could take a deep breath and get on with their studies.  And then one hour later, I was on that top 40 station, as I normally am on Tuesday nights this semester.

I have most of next Tuesday’s show planned, and hope to include a new Howard Shore piece from the new movie Hugo.  It was nominated for an Oscar as best score although it didn’t win – it lost out to a jazz number from The Artist.  But Howard Shore is still greatly loved and I’m sure he will win again like he did for Lord of the Rings.  I just found out that a local Ottawa choir will be singing selections from the Lord of the Rings soundtracks in July 2012.  That will be a treat.

Meanwhile, it’s back to the books for me.  My next playlist will be on the Classical Gonq playlists on my Laurie-Ann Copple blog.  If you’re accessing this site via WordPress, that’s easy. If you’re reading via an RSS feed, then go to – it’s the best way to see all I have.

Thanks for reading!

Yours, Laurie-Ann Copple




March 4, 2012

The show for March 6 is planned (playlist is on laurieanncopple wordpress blog – just click on March 2012 Classical Gonq playlists).  Sometimes when I search for pieces to play, I find some completely at random.  Youtube is like that.  So is the CBC Radio 3 site, where I often do a little research into Canadian composers.

I hope you will tune in Tuesday at six pm eastern via

Thanks for reading (and listening!)

Laurie-Ann Copple

March 9, 2012

Hi!  Classical Gonq was a hit this week – the playlist is on the Classical Gonq March playlists section of the blog site.  Once again, I remind you dear reader, that this little page is a very tiny part of my blog.  Please feel free to roam the whole site – including my Folk posts, my CKDJ Monday morning show page and so much more.

The show this week featured Patrick Hawes (Eternal Mysteries), Anne Southam (Remembering Schubert), Hans Zimmer (Inception Theme), Steve Bell (Moon over Birkenau), Todor Kobakov (North Train), Valerie Milot/Antoine Bariel “Old Friends- Simon and Garfunkel tribute), Howard Shore (Father from Hugo Soundtrack), Ennio Morricone (Theme from the Mission), Paul McCartney/London Symphony Orchestra (My Love) and James Horner (A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics from A Beautiful Mind).

My classmates are getting more used to the idea of a contemporary classical music show on CKDJ and are asking for requests!  I will be honouring these – which include Tommy Emmanuel’s version of Classical Gas (although I actually prefer Mason Williams’ original), John Williams’ theme from Far and Away and more.   Rick Mauti (Mystic Music man) from Toronto also sent me his newest cd, so I plan to include a piece from that.

Have you ever heard of a violinist/composer named Ruth Fazal?  She’s amazing – although I can’t describe her symphonic work at the moment, words can’t come to me at the moment.  She is also a worship leader and well-known in Christian circles for her “soaking music.”  But her classical goes beyond both – it truly is spiritual and very inspiring.  I will talk about her when I have more words.  Again, earlier I mentioned that some contemporary composers are called New Age.  Some people would also call Christian “soaking” music the same genre.  But I don’t think it’s as simple as that.  If I can I’d like to include Patrick Hawes again.  There is something special about his music that fills you up and makes you feel good.  Maybe that’s just my taste right now.

If you know of a good Canadian composer, please let me know, I am on a discovery to find more.  Bye for now.  I’m currently planning next week’s Classical Gonq show as well as Stoke the Folk, the CKDJ Monday morning show and at least three other shows.  So if I can’t post all the time, that is why.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Classically yours,  Laurie-Ann Copple

March 11, 2012

This week’s Classical Gonq includes a request from Kyle, as well as a pick from Jacob Campbell and from our programme director Gillian Proudfoot. Here’s the list of artists I will play : Mason Williams (show theme), Kari King, Tommy Emmanuel, Evan Paul Kozaris, John Williams (guitarist), John Williams (composer), David Paich, Rick Mauti, Ruth Fazal, Howard Shore, Michel Plourde and Patrick Hawes. Can’t wait to bring you these selections… Listen at Tuesday, March 13 – 6pm Eastern at or locally on CKDJ 107.9 FM

By the way, did you notice that Howard Shore has been nominated for a Genie for his A Dangerous Method score?  He didn’t get the Oscar for the Hugo score, but maybe he will for this (Note: He did!) Playlist to come on the Classical Gonq March 2012 playlist page.

Thanks for reading – I would love you to become a listener.

And if you like folk, I’m on Stoke the Folk Monday nights 9 pm Eastern on  I know folk better than Classical, but love them both.  Good music is good music, no matter the genre.

Classically yours, Laurie-Ann

March 17, 2012

Well, show number three went very well. More and more students are listening and they find they like this kind of classical music.  That and Tommy Emmanuel, the amazing classical guitarist is coming to town. So I’m playing Tommy again this week (on March 20th).   This week’s discoveries include Marjan Mojetich (in Kingston) and Isaias Garcia (young Canadian film composer).  And of course, the Nice’s symphonic piece, The Five Bridges (named for the bridges in Newcastle on Tyne in northern England).

Here’s what I’m playing this Tuesday..  Please listen in via Tuesday, 6 pm Eastern!

Classical Gonq Tuesday March 20, 2012

Kasey Egan Newscast, Classical Gonq theme (Classical Gas by Mason Williams), Patrick Hawes, Marjan Mozetich, Tommy Emmanuel, The NICE, Rick Mauti (Mystic Music Man), Kronos Quartet, Paul McCartney/London SO, Isaias Garcia and Andre Gagnon.

Enjoy!  And if you do listen in, please, please let me know.  I only have five more shows on this station, although Gillian Proudfoot will continue the show next year.

Classically yours, Laurie-Ann Copple

March 24, 2012

Show number five (on March 20) went pretty well.  One of my professors is now listening in.  He loves classical music, so I’m pretty happy for his ears (and YOUR ears too!).   I can see why so many people like classical music.  I once made the mistake of repeating a blues guitarist’s phrase of classical music being ‘all dead composers’ – but that was before I discovered contemporary classical.  And boy, was I ever wrong!  Contemporary classical is alive and well, although a niche market.  It’s not top 40, is sometimes esoteric but… that’s where movies come in.   And who doesn’t like movies?

Here is what is up this week (for a full set list, go to the Classical Gonq March 2012 page on my blog).

Classical Gonq Tuesday March 27, 2012        6 pm Eastern

Kasey Egan Newscast, Classical Gonq theme (Classical Gas by Mason Williams), Howard  Shore (twice), Alberto Iglesias, Gill Proudfoot’s interview with cellist Thadeus Morgan, Rachel Mercer/Kevin Lau, Rick Mauti (Mystic Music Man), Todor Kabokov, Two Steps from Hell and Trevor Rabin. (10 tracks, 5 Canadian, 50 per cent [c])

Please tune in if you can – on!

Classically yours, Laurie-Ann Copple

March 31, 2012

Hi!  This is my dad’s birthday.  In his honour, I wanted to put together an amazing show.  This one took me hours since I was discovering more new-to-me musicians.  One such find is Matt Haimovitz, who teaches music at McGill University.  He’s an Israeli born cellist, who decided when he graduated that he would take a different route as a contemporary classical musician.  He grafted in rock pieces.  He’s been on tour as part of a project with Christopher O’Riley (Shuffle/Play/Listen) and I think he’s coming to Ottawa in August but I haven’t been able to confirm it.  If you know any details, please message me via Facebook or via the comments!  He is married to composer Luna Pearl Woolf, and I haven’t been able to hear her pieces other than little excerpts on iTunes.  I found out about Matt through a George Strombopoulos interview and since then I’ve done some digging.  Matt is also part of a new Phillip Glass piece that’s just played in Ohio, I believe.

Google them! I keep trying to post the video here but WordPress keeps ignoring what I do. Sorry about that.

Here are the artists I’m playing this week.

Classical Gonq Tuesday April 3, 2012       

Kasey Egan Newscast, Classical Gonq theme (Classical Gas by Mason Williams), Ryan Shore “Musica” (The Shrine), Lesley Barber, “Mansfield Park Theme” (BBC Mansfield Park) John Debney, “Ressurrection” (The Passion of the Christ Soundtrack). Set Two is  Phillip Glass/by Kronos Quartet, “Mishima/Closing from The Hours” (The Hours Soundtrack), Matt Haimovitz and Christopher O’Riley, “Arcade Fire’s Empty Room”  (in studio- Shuffle/Play/Listen)
Rick Mauti, “Windbird” (Resonance),  Paul McCartney, “Hall of Dance Pt 1- Ocean’s Kingdom” (Ocean’s Kingdom Soundtrack), Todor Kabokov, “Carpe Diem feat. Emily Haines” and I will end with Howard Shore, “Lord of the Rings Overture”

Listen in Tuesday 6 pm Eastern on Tuesday April 3!!!

Classically yours,  Laurie-Ann Copple


April 7, 2012

Happy Easter weekend. Last week I learned that a friend of mine was killed in a head on collision while she and her husband were on vacation in Portugal. Her husband is recovering from serious injuries in the hospital.  Since I found learned what happened just an hour before broadcast, I dedicated the whole show to Angela.  I know she would have loved it.

Two more Classical Gonq broadcasts before CKDJ is put to bed for the summer.  I am considering having a classical show on another station, but we will see what happens.

Meanwhile, we’re going to the movies again.  Here is a taste of what you will hear on Tuesday, April 10 at 6 pm EST:

Classical Gonq – Tuesday April 10, 2012  6 pm EST

Kasey Egan Newscast, Classical Gonq theme (Classical Gas by Mason Williams), James Horner, “Rose” (Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack), Marjan Mozetich, “Eldorado” (Procession), John Debney, “Mary goes to Jesus” (The Passion of the Christ Soundtrack), Michael Nymen, “Gattaca- The Arrival” (Gattaca Soundtrack), Ryan Shore, “Confession Medley” (The Confession Soundtrack), Rick Mauti, (Mystic Music Man), “Isolation” (Resonance), Murray Gold, “This is Gallifrey” (BBC Wales Orchestra – Doctor Who soundtracks) Murray Gold, “Eleventh Doctor’s Theme: Every Planet, Every Star” (BBC Wales Orchestra – Doctor Who soundtracks), Christophe Beck, “White Dress” (Under the Tuscan Sun soundtrack) and Trevor Jones/Randy Eidelman, “Promentary” (The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack) Based on a traditional Celtic tune ‘The Gael.’

Tune in if you can – Tuesday, 6 pm EST at!

Classically yours, Laurie-Ann Copple

April 15, 2012

Hi.  I’m happy and sad at the same time.  We’re about to have our last Classical Gonq show since it’s the end of the semester.  CKDJ will go off air for the summer and I graduate in June.  I hope that Gill Proudfoot continues what I started next semester.  I am strongly considering starting a similar show on CKCU.  If I do, I may call it Classical Corner – especially since Gonq is from Algonquin, so that needs to stay with an Algonquin College station.   Here is my playlist – it includes some requests for John Williams pieces, and more Doctor Who music as well as some Canadian composers.

Classical Gonq Tuesday April 17, 2012 – LAST show on CKDJ!

Kasey Egan Newscast, Classical Gonq theme (Classical Gas by Mason Williams), John Williams, “Abandoned and Pursued: ET Soundtrack” (ET The Extra Terrestrial Soundtrack), John Williams, “Star Wars Theme” (Star Wars Soundtrack), John Williams/Salt Lake City SO, “2002 Olympic Theme” (American Journey).  Then I will play Isaias Garcia, “Fan film – Battle of the Hogwarts, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows;”
Cliff Eidleman, “The Battle for Peace” (Star Trek VI Soundtrack), Rick Mauti, (Mystic Music Man), “Feel the Rain” (Resonance); Gene Emerson, “Sailor’s Lullaby,” Isaias Garcia, “Epic Modern Orchestra Theme,” Murray Gold, “Tenth Doctor Theme”/Doomsday Theme (series 2) (Doctor Who soundtrack: BBC Wales Orchestra) and finally Patrick Hawes, “Autumn Leaves.”

Please make sure to listen in Tuesday, April 17 at 6 pm Eastern!  Last show on CKDJ!!!

Classically yours, Laurie-Ann Copple

April 22, 2012

Hi.  The last Classical Gonq on CKDJ aired on April 17th.  It was bittersweet. I am querying starting another classical show on CKCU, but this is all subject to approval.  If and when that does, I will update this page.  For now, I need to concentrate on my brand new job at NewCap Radio – which is completely a different genre – alternative rock.

Until then!

Classically yours,

Laurie-Ann Copple

December 10, 2012

Update: Since graduating Algonquin College, I have not had the opportunity to do Classical Gonq again.  However, during August and September, I did host a fill-in show called Classical Corner on CKCU.  It was very similar of course, and a lot of fun.  When I have an opportunity to get that show on a permanent basis, I will continue this portion of my blog.

There’s always new and interesting contemporary classical music, but I have picked up some favourites from when I was hosting Classical Gonq.

We’ll see what happens – the future is wide open (although at this time, I’m working as a board operator in Newcap Radio (Ottawa) and working on my health.  Then I will have the energy that a life in radio requires.  Thanks for reading … and for listening!

Classically yours,



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